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In the modern era, success of production units in Textile Industry depends largely on the technological elements controlling various parameters in the machinery.

Some of the challenges faced by Textile Industry: -

Solution: Automated Loom Controller

The circular loom is an important machine in the plastics and textile industries. The quality and quantity of the final product largely depends on these machines, hence it becomes absolutely necessary to monitor and control certain parameters around the clock. Our loom controller serves just this purpose. The loom controller monitors some parameters of the loom and controls the mesh size of the final product. The mesh control is so precise that even during weft breakage, cramming is totally avoided, resulting in zero defect fabric. The loom controller uses proportionate driving during weft breakage .A separate loom monitor can be fitted on the loom along with loom controller to monitor all other parameters like production, number of weft breakages, number of warp breakages, weft delay, warp delay, efficiency etc.

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