Manvish eTech aims at delivering its customers the best services & solutions using the Industry standard tools & technologies. Manvish is committed to deliver utmost quality on time every time meeting the SLA terms & delivery timelines.

Some of the technological expertise revolves around:

Software design & services capabilities:

Hardware Design & Application development expertise:

  • JAVA Application development & Maintenance Open or Close

    Manvish has architected, designed and implemented enterprise solutions, which are mission critical, scalable, open, reliable and highly available systems. As a practice:

    Manvish Application Development Services include the development of:

  • Modernizing Legacy Applications Open or Close

    MANVISH has a proven methodology and best practices/tools for moving legacy applications onto Java/JEE platform. We add value by providing various alternative technical solutions, re-usage of core business rules by building interfaces using Java/JEE technologies and third party tools.

    Manvish helps clients to retain core business layer and re-engineers UI layer to provide browser based access to end users. Manvish has successfully modernized legacy systems and native applications by web-enabling the application UI. The approach will depend on the specific application and business need. However, these approaches to web-enabling of existing applications have common objectives to achieve. This includes retaining the existing functionality, business rules and leveraging the advantages of using new internet technologies.

    Manvish has the following advantages:

  • Enterprise & SOA Solutions Open or Close

    Manvish research wing caught on the SOA wave early on while various supporting standards (like BPMN, SOAP and WS), methodologies and processes were still evolving. Manvish profound experience in architecting and designing enterprise solutions, integrating applications across disparate platforms & technologies helped to assess the benefits and promises of SOA and embrace its principles easily. Manvish had been tracking the developments of major SOA suites like IBM Process Server, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Aqua Logic and Sun's JCAPS and developed process oriented solutions using them. Manvish has applied SOA principles around custom workflow engine and rule engines to reap benefits of composition in pure Java based service implementations as well.

    Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture help to achieve customers a single window application and minimize the application maintenance.

    Services Orientated Architecture (SOA) provides a fundamental framework for business to become more agile and flexible, secure and standardized with the industry.

    Manvish has good experience in helping customers to enable their applications on unified Java/JEE platforms using SOA suites like Oracle Fusion Middleware OFM, JCAPS, OpenESB.

    Manvish has good experience on OpenSource based SOA Framework on J2EE platform, leveraging on open source Sun Metro WS stack and OPEN ESB. Intent of SOA Framework is to build a generic platform where existing application/information can be exposed as web services. Manvish extensively worked on Oracle Fusion Middleware which is a part of Oracle SOA suite, Mule ESB which is an open source ESB stack and Sun's JCAPS. Manvish has implemented SOA solution using Mule ESB to integrate various legacy, portal and ERP systems.

    Manvish has developed SOA methodology to ensure successful SOA implementation. The methodology defines procedures & guidelines for every stage/aspect in the SOA life cycle like maturity assessment, roadmap & reference architecture creation, governance, process modeling, implementation and testing.

  • Integration Solutions Open or Close

    Manvish has experience in building interfaces to integrate with existing solutions.

  • J2EE Server, application tunings and application server administrations Open or Close

    Manvish has done Performance Tuning and Analysis for various Java applications. Manvish has helped customers to tune their application for optimal performance by identifying issues (code, design, memory leaks) and fixing them. Manvish has extensive knowledge in using profiling tools (JProbe, NetBeans, EclipseTPTP, CodePro and visual-VM) and many tools to do static analysis of the code for performance and design issues. Manvish has worked in tuning of Java O/R mapping tools, database and query tuning, implementing best cache mechanism for better throughput and response time.

    Manvish has done capacity planning for various Java/JEE applications before they are deployed to production environment. Capacity Planning is based on performance requirement, data growth projections, required and anticipated concurrent users and best utilization of resources for optimal performance. Manvish has experience in deploying application on different hardware architecture like RAID 1 to 5 as well as SAN based applications running on various O/S like Linux flavors (RedHat, Suse, Debian, CentOS, HP, IBM, Dell), Solaris and Windows.

    Manvish Approach for application fine tuning:

  • J2EE Application operations Open or Close

    Manvish has good experience in managing Java/JEE applications. It's operations are in line with ITSM processes. This includes application monitoring, analyzing logs, L1-L3 supports through ticketing system using various tools. Manvish also has experience managing Java/JEE application which includes

    Tools used are:

  • Open Source Open or Close

    Manvish has extensive experience with Open Source technologies. We port Linux to our ARM-based embedded boards. We use various open-source tools to build the Linux installation and test & validate it on our embedded targets. Open source is a cost-effective, reliable alternative to proprietary operating systems. The flourishing open source community worldwide allows us to provide support to customers who opt for our Linux based embedded solutions.

  • Microsoft technologies Open or Close

    We build and test applications on the various flavours of the Windows operating system. Many of our customers opt for Windows over other operating systems due to its widespread nature. We are experienced at other Microsoft technologies like the .Net framework, ActiveX, and COM objects.

  • Mobile – J2ME, Windows mobile, Android development Open or Close

    Android is increasingly popular as a mobile OS and Manvish is at the cutting edge here, with Android based tablets and handheld computers forming part of our portfolio. We build Android applications for mobile devices and smartphones that enable businesses to fully exploit the advantages of mobility.