MiFAUN Handheld Mobile Computer is designed for everyday use. The compact design allows the user single handed operation, ease of use, and durability. Using a lithium-ion battery, the MANVISH Hand-held provides upto 24 hours of operation with an inbuilt recharge unit. Uploading and downloading collected data is quick and easy via a Serial (RS232)/modem, and Optional Wireless networks like GPRS/GSM and WiFi. It has an inbuilt Barcode Reader, RFID, smart-card and optional Micro Printer interface, which is an added advantage for field point-of-event capture. 

MiFAUN is a complete hand-held computer with 32 bit CPU running Linux o/s (or optional Win CE) and customer defined applications. The device is designed for mass deployment which lends itself to remote monitoring, maintenance and application up-loading/downloading. This gives complete visibility of all devices on the network to a central web-enabled observer. There are multitudes of field-based operations wherein data is captured on paper and a repetitive task of re-entering the same onto a PC is performed. Now one can digitally capture the data directly at the point of event and transmit the same back to the server almost instantly thereby keeping data on-line and in real-time. MiFAUN is thus a multi-role hand-held device that assists digital data/point of event capture. Running on a high performance Freescale (ARM-9 core) chip, the device is performance scalable and can accommodate increased resources needed for computing and memory.


  • Micro Finance & Financial Inclusion
  • Rural Banking
  • Branch less Banking
  • Last Mile Connectivity Solutions


  • Traffic & Parking
  • Management
  • Automatic Fare Collection


  • UID
  • Law Enforcement
  • Mobile Workforce Management

Health Care

  • Tele Medicine
  • Health Insurance
  • Blood Banks


  • Field Force Automation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management