MiFaun™ Partner Program

MiFaun™ is the brand name of Manvish eTech Pvt Ltd. Under the brand name MiFaun™ Manvish eTech develops-world class Biometric based Mobile & Fixed type Data collection devices, which are truly powerful, feature rich, cost effective, long lasting, and user friendly

Manvish eTech is the original equipment manufacturer of all the MiFaun™ range of products and holds the complete IP rights of these products. Manvish provides unmatched support and after sales service for its products through a dedicated account manager handling business & technical functionalities. It is surveyed and determined that the Manvish MiFaun™ product's build quality, technological features, services and support are far more superior to the potential competing products of its category. The products have been designed and developed keeping in mind the objective of providing a stable & high performing solution. This implies that the Distributors, Resellers, Partners, System Integrators, Solution providers of these products will benefit a heightened customer satisfaction, higher profit margins & repetitive business.

Partner Benefit:

  • A high degree of customization and support available, since the partner coordinates directly with the OEM i.e Manvish eTech Pvt Ltd.
  • High degree of ‘implementation support’ & training with a dedicated account manager
  • A partner can also use their branding & logo for the MiFaun™ devices (conditions & Quantities apply)
  • Features of MiFaun™ Devices are far superior to the potentially competing devices; this gives our partner an edge over their potential competitors. This will have immense benefits for our partners in any procurement process.
  • Get market advantages & stay ahead in competition from continuous innovation, R&D support from Manvish eTech Pvt Ltd.,
  • Heightened customer satisfaction - The products have been designed and developed keeping in mind the objective of providing a stable & high performing solution

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